Tips For Web Designer's

Nowadays in web designing there are many more new updates are coming day by day. In this blog there are some tips for web designers. Which can help them to make a website or application more attractive and user friendly to the users.

Gradients Color

A color gradient specifies a range of position-dependent colors, usually used to fill a region. Colors grab the attention of the users and invoke emotions, they are as important as the background images. Gradients are the multipurpose color trend that works on pretty much any type of design.


Animation is a method in which pictures are manipulated to appear as moving images. Motion Design and Graphics keep the UI feeling alive and guides the user's navigation through your app. They are used to bring attention to certain elements and explain the relationships between objects.

Illustrated Characters

Illustrated characters that are often used on websites and interface illustrations are being recreated in 3D. This year will be the year of abstract & futuristics 3D shapes.

Visual Storytelling

A visual narrative (also visual storytelling) is a story told primarily through the use of visual media. Illustrations are also an excellent tool for storytelling. More and more websites and mobile apps turn to specially designed characters showing the story in a way that corresponds to the mood of the platform.


Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed.Bold and catchy typography continues to keep its high presence in web and mobile layouts. The reason is simple, by putting more visual weight on an important message you increase changes that users will read it.

Full - Screen Experiences

Full-width images/videos can be stunning and work as great attention triggers. Once the user gets engaged with the app, he will spend more time and browse through the different pages.


  Adarsh Vishwakarma

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